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Thursday, January 31, 2008
Customer Testimonials

Dublin - 0911
I did get the pipe. And wow. It's excellent. The grain is spectacular and I'm currrently smoking some Balkan Supreme in it. I was worried the chamber was a little small, but I was able to get a goodly amount of weed into it. I'm afraid to clench too much at the stem is so nice. I'm awful for tooth marks. But it's a great smoker as well as a great looker.

Timothy F. - Canada

Bamboo - 0912
I received it quickly and in wonderful shape!

I do not have a discerning eye from a pipe-technical stand-point, but my un-certified opinion is:  You have talent!  I have 30 pipes spanning all of the categories you would expect to find in a diverse collection.  Your pipe is 1 of 2 proudly displayed on top of my Pipe/Tobacco cabinet.  Its beautiful..  The draw is open.  Pipe cleaners pass easily to the bowl.  Wonderful smoker.  I'm still deciding whether it will be an English or VA flake pipe :)  The size is exactly in the range of my liking as I prefer light pipes with a high bowl to weight efficiency.

I'll definitely be on the look-out for your future offerings.

John L. - Washington

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